About us

Spain, known by its singular culture through the centuries, is a land of rich heritage, art and aesthetics, surrounded by an abundant variety of shapes and colorful environment. Inspired with the idea to promote and shape our crafts to continue enriching the Spanish culture, Abanicos José Blay SA was born in 1942.

We are one of the leader companies dedicated in manufacture, import and export of spanish folding hand held fans.

Today, our brand JOSEBLAY® is focused mainly in presenting a wide variety of new original designs in accordance to the new tendencies of the fashion, souvenir, and promotional folding fan markets. Our clients appreciate our creativity and standard of quality; their satisfaction grants us a strong credibility within our sector of the industry, folding hand held fans. Therefore, the company has a strong presence nation wide, and operates in other international markets as well.

Abanicos Jose Blay

Our objectives are set on three values:

  • Quality and service: To know and to exceed our client's expectations are our main priorities. For that reason, we use first quality raw materials in the processes of manufacturing as well of purchasing in order to provide a good service from the start.
  • Enthusiasm: We perform all our products, hand held fans, shawls, and other accesories in a high sense of artistics, which reflects the passion and the enthusiasm we dedicate in our daily work.
  • Integrity: In interactions with customers, suppliers, colleagues and other professionals are requirements for the success in the long term.
Contact us ABANICOS JOSE BLAY, S.A. · Avda. Concordia, 2 · 46960 Aldaya (Valencia) Spain · Tel: +34 96 1513097 · Fax: +34 96 1513194
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